Charity Football Match raises £250

Charity Football Match raises £250

Once again this event was organised by Daz Houston, who did really well to get around several obstacles to keep the event running for another year and raised around £250 for Armitage Thanks.

The numbers were slightly down on last year due to the boxing event, so a different format was put in place. The leaders put out a side with the help of a few of the younger lads to make up the numbers and played a works team.

The leaders with an average of +10 years on the opposition won 9 : 5. Rhe game was played in the true spirit of the game with many crunching but fair tackles going in, so the referee said!

A few points worth mentioning,

  1. Baggy (Dave Bagnal) scoring a hat trick and doing three laps of Rugeley to celebrate.
  2. Scot Brinley scored a goal which should have been on match of the days goal of the season.
  3. OLD GAZ EDWARDS, ran the show, unbelievable how someone of his age who is blind as a bat ran circles around everyone, top player.
  4. A favourite moment was when two of the young works team lads had to leave the pitch with 10 minutes to go because they were tired !!!
  5. Fair play to several of the players who were also boxing the next night.