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Armitage Shanks is a brand that has become part of the Great British National Psyche. Here are just a few tongue-in-cheek examples of how our brand has inspired a sense of fun over the years.

Fountain 17

2017 is a very special year. It combines the anniversary of Armitage Shanks, the 100 year anniversary of Marcel Duchamp submitting a urinal to the New York Society of Independent Artists for exhibition. It is also the year that Hull becomes city of culture.

Circus Contraption

The ringmaster

Armitage Shanks is the pseudonym of the ringmaster of the Seattle, Washington based Circus Contraption

Armitage Shanks Punk Band

Smash the cistern album by
Armitage Shanks

Punk band called Armitage Shanks

Green day Insomniac

Album track title

The first track of Green Day’s album Insomniac is titled “Armatage Shanks”

Ratburger book

Armitage the rat in Ratburger the book

In the wickedly funny number one best-seller by David Walliams the rat is named “Armitage”

Lady Gaga

Her tribute to Duchamps

Lady Gaga used an Armitage Shanks urinal to make her own version of the Duchamps urinal artwork

Johnny English Reborn

Film 2011

Spy comedy staring Rowan Atkinson references Armitage Shanks

Production from StudioCanal, Relativity Media, Working Title Films and distributed by Universal Pictures

Alpha Papa

The Armitage Shanks redemption

ALAN : a sort of a Shitshank Redemption, if you will.
PAT : Ah. The Armitage Shank Redemption, eh?

Production from StudioCanal , BBC Films , BFI , Baby Cow Productions

Armitage shanks folk song

Chuck Brodsky

Chuck got the idea for this song after being unable to use the airplane toilets.

Once on the ground, he was so ‘relieved’ to be introduced to the Armitage Shanks brand that he decided to write a song in it’s honour.

Click here to watch the video


Armitage Shanks in Viz magazine

Viz Magazine has referenced the brand on several occasions, in their own irreverent style!

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