“Judgement Night” Raises £2500

Judgement night boxing raises £2500

‘’O what a night’’ It couldn’t have gone any better with not a single person leaving the room who didn’t have a fantastic night and when the final count is done, we should have raised £2,500 for charity.

In our eyes there were no winners or losers, all 18 of these young men had the bottle and courage to go in that ring and give it their all. Not one of them threw the towel in and gave up, Ian the referee had stop some fights for their own safety, their bravery was immense.

The really nice thing was, every one of them shuck hands and hugged each other after each fight and had a fantastic ovation and the full respect of the crowd before they all went out on the town together.

Without mentioning names a big thank you to those who help organise the event and a MASSIVE thank you to all those employees/family and friends who turned up and behaved impeccably, a credit to themselves and the company.